I am dedicated to offering repair work of the finest quality, supported by great
customer service.  While my specialty is reviving the former glory of tired, old, and
heavily used vintage instruments, I can make virtually any instrument play better
with a custom setup that is designed around the customer's playing needs.
The following is a partial list of the repairs that are available:
Acoustic Instrument Repairs
Custom Setups                                   Under Saddle pickup and preamp install
Nut and saddle replacement             Pickguard replacement
Bridge reglue or replacement           Truss rod repair and replacement
Custom bridges                                  
Bridge plate repair and replacement    
Reglue loose or cracked brace(s)
Neck resets
Crack repair
Peghead breaks and cracks
Electric Instrument Repairs
Custom Setups
Nut replacement
Electronic repairs - pickups, pots, switches, custom wiring
Pickup and trem routes
Control cavity shielding
Peghead breaks and cracks
Fretless bass conversions
Custom pickguards
Truss rod repair and replacement
Tremolo Installation
General Repairs
Complete and Partial refrets
Fret level, recrown, and polish - Utilizing the Erlewine neck jig
Neck straightening via heat-press or compression fretting for severely
bowed necks

Custom pickguards
Tuner replacement
Vintage instrument repairs and restorations
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Ric bass truss rod replacement
Lyon and Healey mando side repair
1920s Washburn neck reset
1930s Oahu top
Guitar Repair and Restoration
Repair Information
Pricing, Estimates, and Turnaround Time - General estimates and price ranges for
specific services are available by phone or e-mail. Detailed estimates will require a
physical inspection of the instrument. When inspections are quite involved or
require some degree of disassembly, a minimum bench charge may apply. My
turnaround time varies in accordance with the work load currently scheduled.
Generally, setups and minor repairs are completed within 1-2 days; where as, major
structural repairs and repairs involving finish work will typically take longer. Rush
repairs are available. Inquire for pricing.
Bending rosewood binding
for a  new acoustic.
Tapering a neck shim on the
Luthier's Friend sanding station.